Hello Friend!

You are here. I prepared; images-32 you will see things in interactive: I write – you read. You ask – I listen. You’ll want to know more – I’ll write.


This is the first lesson. The world is and will see this very important fact: We are indeed bound under reach to others and among those there is Me, Maitreya, talking to you, my dearest friend. Any time, I am listening into your heart. Very nice, indeed that loving and kindly directed heart. Searching. Looking. Feeling. Hearing. Wanting much much more to what is.


Real is that what is to be noticed by many many on Earth. You cannot look at it with your eye alone; you will therefore now see with the BIG EYE of the reluctant head and overtake Y O U

as you.

which one is you?

images-4 images-10   images  smiley 3 images-7  images-6   smiley 2

I am right here for you to have a good moment always   images-11  and I do not have a body.

Who is writing then… well… it’s a little angel images-14 with rays from the Sun who captures my wish and puts it with words on this page.

Listen up: We are going to explore the New World for little ones always in a happy mood… for all those who once felt like   images-9  and want to go on adventure for life with friends from all the places on    images-31Earth.

We are here to play happy    images-15                                                                                                                                                                                                     & be together.

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